Miscellaneous Playable Games (2016-now)

A list of other miscellaneous games I've saved HTML5 versions of.

Some of these games I've made myself, some of them I've made with others. Some of it barely function, and some of it is pretty okay. A mixed bag of goods.

The list is semi-sorted from vague memory with the newest at the top. Following is a short description of the projects.

Under Sengen [Below the Bed]

During the Coding Pirates game jams were I frequently volunteer, we have a tradition of the volunteers also making some often silly game together. "Under Sengen" was our such game for one of our jams in 2017 (the title of the game is simply the theme of the jam). The art direction of the game was pretty much "let's make the graphics in paint 3d", and the main character was a reference to another game made a year before..

Retro Raid

Sometimes at Coding Pirates we held smaller game jams for the volunteers to join in on (as opposite to the more official jams just for the kids), and "Retro Raid" was a game I contributed to at one of these jams. The general idea were to make a viking raid voyage based on old school games, starting with Pong/Breakout as a "attack the harbor" situation, followed by a pillage (Pac-man). After the pillage you had to stack as much cargo as you could in a Tetris-esque game, and then it was onwards to the next harbor in what resembled the old, side scrolling spaceshooter games. The game kept doing this on repeat until the player lost all their lives/vikings.

The Fool

A very not finished entry for the 19th gm(48) game jam. The basic idea was having the player toggle on and off color channels to show and hide elements of the game, thus allowing a colorful fool escaping a prison. The playable HTML5 version is pretty basic but showcase the idea - and contains a nice little nod to Omni, an earlier gm(48) game.


"Gamatars" were a small concept I made and used on/for my old Tumblr blog. The core idea was to make an avatar image that contained a series of small mini-games to play.