Omni (2015)

Your computer is under attack! Luckily a strange monk named 'Omni' is here to help, teaching you how to use the Windows environment as your weapon against those pesky vira.

Omni was my contribution to the 16th gm(48) game jam - a game jam centered around the GameMaker: Studio development software. The game won the innovation category of the jam.

In the game you are aiding a little monk, Omni, in fighting off vira from your computer. You move the camera by dragging the game window around, and you can hit vira with your cursor when the cursor is close enough to Omni.

The theme of the game jam was "Environment as a weapon" and I chose to use the Windows desktop environment as my focal point and make its various parts your weapons. Omni was a prototype for Tale of Omni. I used the jam to test my window-and-camera-movement idea.