Cookie Policy

This Website Use Cookies website makes use of cookies and similar technologies. Cookies are small pieces of data sent to the browser and stored on your device, allowing the website to remember previous visits and choices. Cookies can be set by the site itself or by third parties.

You can find an in depth description of cookies and the purpose of cookie policies at

The Use of Cookies on this Website

While I generally try to avoid using cookies on this site and don't use cookies for personal statistics, analytics or marketing, some cookies will be used in specific situations on the site by your consent.

First and foremost a cookie will be set with a unique ID, if you ever consent to cookies on the site. This is to keep track of what you have and have not given consent to. The unique ID is used to keep a log of consents as required by law. Any changes of consent will be logged, but the data will be anonymized. If you ever need a copy of your consent log or want it cleared, you will need this ID.

You don't currently have a unique ID, as you have not given consent to any cookies.

While cookie consents on other websites are often separated into broad categories as "marketing", "statistics", "analytics", "functional", etc., I try my best to separate consents as much as possible, so that you may consent to only the specific things, you want to consent to.

Third Party Cookies

YouTube Videos

I have chosen to use YouTube videos as a means to video content on this site. However, as even YouTube videos in privacy enhanced mode use local storage for marketing and analytics purposes, no videos will be embedded before explicit consent has been given. Instead, a stand-in element will be displayed, containing the option to consent to YouTube videos on the site and with a link to the YouTube video itself. You can read more about what YouTube (and Google) may do with your data in Google's Privacy Policy.

Retract Consent to Cookies

If you have given consent to any types of cookies on this site, they will show up in the list below with a button to retract the consent. You can always give consent again next time you run into a blocked element. Notice that the retraction of consent doesn't automatically delete any cookies already set. You will need to clear those from your browser yourself.

How to Contact Me

If you ever need a copy of your log or want me to delete it, you can write me at Make sure to include your unique ID, else there's nothing I can do, as it's the only thing connecting you with the data.

This website, and thus the use of cookies on it, is the product and responsibility of Simon Milfred. Please reach out if you have any concerns.

This policy was last updated 5th of December 2021