U.F.O.: Unconventional Farming Operation (2022)

Welcome to your spanking new U.F.O. (beta 0.1.25), the future of farming done from space! Each U.F.O. is equipped with a 0.1 CPS (cycles per second) harvesting blade, which can easily be turned on using our one-button interface. A game made for the 51st Ludum Dare.

This game was created by me and two friends (and colleagues) for the 51st Ludum Dare with the theme "Every 10 seconds". We wanted the theme to play to the core of the game, thus we ended up with the simple concept of a circular farm with a harvester (like the hand of a clock) making a round every 10th second. The player then have to plant and re-plant their crops until fully grown, as to not have the harvester squash through them too early.

While we didn't get all SFX, graphic FX and other niceties in, we did manage to finish up the core gameplay. I mainly did some of the graphics (including the main character and UFO exterior), as well as a lot of SFX which didn't end up in the game.