Ye Count of Downe (2018)

Join Sam and Daisy on their playful adventure. Catch monsters in your magical net and make use of their individual abilities.

Ye Count of Downe was my girlfriend's and my contribution to the 27th gm(48) game jam - a game jam centered around the GameMaker development software.

You play as the Count of Downe, a distant relative to Count Dracula. In each level you need to get to your coffin before the sun rises too high and kills you. You can rake up your score (and heal) by killing and drinking the blood of victims as you move through the level. You can also turn into a bat for small durations of time to reach high places.

The theme of the jam was "countdown", and the theme both informed our choosing of the vampiric theme (a pun on behalf of the jam theme) as well as our use of the countdown as a core game mechanic (you have to clear each level before the sun rises too high).

We also sprinkled the game with lesser countdowns: A countdown for how long you can stay a bat, and a countdown for when the blood of your victims turns too cold to consume.

I programmed the thing and did the level design, while my girlfriend made graphics and animations. We both did game design and audio.