Tale of Omni (2015-now)

A hypermediated 2D platformer and my passion project of many years.

Tale of Omni is a huge undertaking which sprung from my earlier gm(48) game jam entry Omni. The game is a 2D platforming game where the first part of the game is an epic adventure about magic, power and self-sacrifice, whereas the second part of the game breaks the frames and is a hyper-mediated meta-adventure across the World Wide Web and onto the player's computer. This part is more about brotherhood, wholeness and it both mirrors and builds on top of the narrative of the first part.

This game is my pet project which I will probably work on for years to come with the team I have gathered around it. I am trying to keep the development process rather transparent, and a lot can be read about it on Twitter, the Tale of Omni blog and YouTube.