Flight of the Bird (2017-2018)

Tap, tap, tap your way through this "Flappy Bird"-esque game using the game assets from "Tale of Omni".

Flight of the Bird is a small side-project to Tale of Omni made by appropriating assets from that game. The general idea is to transfer the content from Tale of Omni to another genre, and the plan is to make more short games in the same fashion in the future.

The game is my personal take on Flappy Bird, and while I tried to make the game as challenging, I also altered the gameplay slightly and balanced it to be fair. In my version of the game you can double-tap the bird to add to a multiplier, which multiplies the value of the next point you score. The more continuos taps on the bird you do, the higher the multiplier gets (of course resetting after picking up the next coin). There is a lot of different skins to unlock - some easy, some not, and getting a high enough score will make the game mix in silver and gold coins, which will allow you to rake in points faster.

Game Design

I didn't pick these alterations to the original gameplay at random though. I think each of the elements adds to the game in each their own particular way.

The multiplier adds an extra bit of skill to the game and an element of "high risk high reward". Skills help in the original game as well, but its a pretty... Single note skill? And the main skill is truly patience.

The silver and gold coins gets rid of some of the repetitiveness and allows for more progression. And as these coins give more points on their own, they can give a powerful advantage when combined with the multipliers.

And the unlockable skins... Well, they don't add gameplay per se, but it gives something to mark your achievements and a fun little surprise now and again.


Flight of the Bird is a game I made pretty much by myself, but as the assets are borrowed from Tale of Omni, some credit does belong to the Tale of Omni team. The "riffing off of another game" theme of game making combined with the creativity constraint of using Tale of Omni's game assets makes for a pretty fun challenge, and while the game isn't by any standards unique (blatant ripoff), I think I succeeded in twisting it into its own thing.