Still Here (2017)

Explore the past of a couple though the eyes of a moth.

Still Here is the graduation project from my time at DADIU (The National Academy of Digital Entertainment). It was by far the largest production team, I have been part of, and I worked a much different (and more focused) role than used to, as I was doing quality assurance and user research rather than programming or art. We were a team of 17 working on the game.

The game is a narrative where you explore an apartment and it's story through the lense of a moth. You need to find a certain amount of story fragments in each room of the apartment to proceed through the rooms and slowly put together the story being told. The game was available on the Play Store for a while, though has been removed due to lack of maintenance.

Still Here was nominated for "Best Audio" at Spilprisen 2018, and you can find the official DADIU page here.