Rent Runner (2017)

In this game you take on the role of Taylor in the pursuit of not having to pay rent. Walk down the stairs with your landlord right on your heels, dodge the obstacles, and see how far you can get!

Rent Runner was the first game jam I did with my girlfriend and our contribution to the 22th gm(48) game jam - a game jam centered around the GameMaker: Studio development software. Our game earned 9th place in the jam.

You play as Taylor fleeing from their landlord down a flight of stairs, and your goal is to get as far as possible without stumbling - it is that simple. The gameplay resembles that of Guitar Hero, though not synced to music and with it's own way of success and failure.

The theme of the game jam was "Descend" and after ping-pong'ing various ideas we chose to make a game about descending stairs, as we had a feeling others would not choose this direction - and we were right.

My girlfriend and I came up with idea, design and audio together. From there, my girlfriend did the graphics, and I did the animation and programming.