NOT a Fan (2018)

In NOT a Fan you are a fan - the ventilating kind - but you do not want people to know, hence you dress up as a human. It is a casual, level-based game, where you try to pick up as many coins as possible in each level. Perhaps levels may also be time based, and it is also possible to maybe add a "battery-meter" as either a health bar or to make flying around a finite ability. You could be able to plug in at outlets to recharge - plenty of possibilities. The playable proof-of-concept does not have all these possible features though.

In the proof-of-concept you control the fan by clicking and holding the left mouse button or tap and hold on touch devices. This will move the fan toward the cursor/finger by blowing in the opposite direction.

When there's people nearby you need to keep a low profile - if you are spotted hovering too far above ground (or if you haven't picked up the dress-up!) you will be figured out and lose the level (you can of course try again).

Note that the concept demo is unwinnable.

The game is very much inspired by Octodad in terms of the whole "keep your true identity secret", and I think, given the right world building, the concept has potential.