Eagle Eye Emma (2017)

Shoot your way to justice with Eagle Eye Emma in this wild, western adventure! How good is your aim?

Eagle Eye Emma was my girlfriend's and my contribution to the 24th gm(48) game jam - a game jam centered around the GameMaker: Studio development software. Our game earned 7th place in the jam.

The game is about ricocheting bullets to help Emma exact revenge upon the wild, western world around her. Each level supplies you with one shot to clear the room for bad guys.

The theme of the game jam was "One Shot" which we chose to implement in the quite literal sense - while still allowing the player unlimited tries, as we wanted the player to be able to experiment and have fun. Most challenging part of the jam (for me) was the ricochet-programming, as it was hard to get quite right - and even in the end product, you were sometimes able to get the bullet do an infinite ricochet (which was fixed in the post-jam edition on Itch.io).

In this jam I helmed the programming and my girlfriend did the graphics and animations. The rest of the roles (design, audio, etc.) were done in union.