Hay, Go Far! (2014)

A mobile game were you help Mr. Bless get as far as possible while avoiding various farm-inspired obstacles!

Hay, Go Far! is a simple, endless platformer starring the mascot character of Bless Hay Gaming, the one and only Mr. Bless. The game was made to celebrate the Bless Hay Gaming YouTube channel's first 100 subscribers. The game was originally available in the Play Store, but as it hasn't been maintained it has been taken down. Currently it is not available any other place than on my phone.

The game is an infinite runner where Mr. Bless will run until stopped by an obstacle. The player can do two things to get around obstacles: jump and slap. It is a hard game, and it is meant to be so. As a small Easter egg, there's a miniscule chance that a dinosaur spawns, which you can ride for a while (until the next mud puddle - one of the types of obstacles).

The game was made mainly by me, but I had a close friend help with sound effects through a fun recording session and the music was kindly supplied by Rugnir Svenstarr.